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About us

About Us

Deeply rooted in productivity, strategy and results.

Years of experience and a thorough process separate us from the rest…

We always seek to understand first.

Once a customer decides to start growing with us, we begin a discovery journey. Every business is complex and nuanced; by delving into its complexities, our strategy can hit the nail on the head right from the start!

Then, we get obsessed with improving.

We are committed to excellence, we are more than just an agency: we are a force for growth. Our dynamic, data-driven learning and improvement process is what sets us apart; no matter the challenge, our team works tirelessly to honor all the effort you've put into your business, to ensure peak performance at all times.

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Simplicity through research, strategy and great content.

Things don't have to be complicated. See some of our previous work.

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Doing the complex, simple since 2015

We have been through a long learning curve. This is what brought us to where we are now.

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What we believe in

Simplify business.


What we are passionate about

Continuous learning



Our approach to marketing is simple, but powerful.

Trial and error has led us to Storybrand.



This is usually your customer. What do they want or need?


With a problem

The customer has a problem that we can classify as; Internal, External and Philosophical.


Meet a guide

We are empathetic to our customer's problems and offer them a solution.


Give them a plan

How your service or product will help them solve the problem or meet their need.



We move them to action, which will result in success (if they listen to and buy your product or service) or in failure (if they choose not to).



Once we've done the entire Storybrand process, it's time to bring out the big weapons: conversion funnels, performance marketing, and many more tactics to scale your business :)

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Nothing would make us happier than to meet and help you.

We are here to serve you. Whether it's a question or a project.

Sebastián Garro

Sebastián Garro

Founder & CEO
Mario Madrigal

Mario Madrigal

COO & Partner
Andre Paredes

André Paredes

Performance Lead
Cristian Bonilla Red Stamp Media

Christian Bonilla

Digital Strategist
Viviana Vargas Red Stamp Media

Viviana Vargas

Creative Director


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We help build your digital products.

Wade Warren

Partner and design

Jenny Wilson

Brand strategy

Jacob Jones

Viviana Vargas Red Stamp Media

Kristin Watson


We are overwhelmed. Not only by the results, but also by the process and the transparency.

Ryan Johnson

Owner at Something


Enable really lives up their name. We're thrilled with how fast and obviously we can see progress.

Ryan Johnson

Owner at Something


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